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Welcome to Tree Stand Diaries, the home page of outdoor writer and author, Reid Vander Veen. Reid is an average outdoorsman who's version of paradise is sitting silenty 15' high in the woods, bow in hand. Tree Stand Diaries has become an outlet and a community to share stories, ideas, and all the things we love about the outdoors.

2017 Colorado Archery Elk

We experienced weather in the 60s, down to the 20s and half a foot of snow before back into the 70s. The elk were quiet all week. Until the last night, when a 6x5 bull got a little aggressive with us and decided to come into bow range. Unfortunately hunting is a humbling sport. The bull stopped just behind a tree, not in a shooting lane. They stand off probably lasted 45 seconds, but felt like 45 minutes. When he started moving again and finally stepped into bow range my arrow hit high and back. He darted off and we watching him stand in a clearing about 200 yards away as last light faded. Little sleep was gotten that night. In the morning we found little blood. The good news is the bull is very like alive and hopefully healing fine. The bad news is our freezers and walls will remain empty a bit longer. Hunting is a humbling, addictive sport.

See you in the woods!


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