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New Member of the TSD Family - Penny!

This fall we adopted a beautiful 7 month old female lab, Penny, from a great family in Nebraska. Unfortunately, that family did not have the time or space for Penny. After recognizing that, they reached out to a mutual friend who connected us. After some deliberation we decided to pull the trigger.

We met the family shortly thereafter and instantly fell in love with Penny. At that time, she was actually being called Belle, but we had another older dog named Bella so we went with Penny. 

She's a beautifully colored yellow. She has energy for days but is paired with a fantastically mellow temperament. All signs indicate she's going to be a large dog, even for a lab. She has an incredible nose and has absolutely fallen in love with hunting. (We're both very excited about that.) Having no prior experience or training with hunting, she and I quickly set to work this fall to get the basics down. Even with great hunting bloodlines, she's exceeded my expectations. There's no safe pheasant within miles of our place! I'm really looking forward to the warmer months again when we can continue her training.

We are considering breeding Penny in the future. Stay tuned for details.

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