Tree Stand Diaries

Writing the story one adventure at a time.

Welcome to Tree Stand Diaries, the home page of outdoor writer and author, Reid Vander Veen. Reid is an average outdoorsman who's version of paradise is sitting silenty 15' high in the woods, bow in hand. Tree Stand Diaries has become an outlet and a community to share stories, ideas, and all the things we love about the outdoors.

Whether in a tree stand or on a river bank, the outdoorsman's mind is free to travel and wander as the wind or water around him. This is a project that started with ideas and thoughts from an average outdoorsman just like you who began documenting where his mind wandered. Tree Stand Diaries started as an outlet for those thoughts and has progressed to a collection of all things outdoors. Reid Vander Veen is an outdoor writer, hunter, aspiring first generation farmer, and general outdoor enthusiast. 

"I get asked all the time, where did you get that hat? I need to order a couple more because I wear this one all the time." - Customer S.H.